Widely regarded as the “Einstein of consciousness” and the “Aristotle of our time,” Ken Wilber is a living legend.

He was a 19-year old Masters student when his journey to greatness began. Fed up with academia, he became obsessed with understanding the human condition and our highest potentials.

He wanted to know what was ultimately true, how everything fit together, and the real source of fulfillment for human life. He wasn’t getting answers from his college professors so he left grad school and set out on an epic journey to discover it for himself…

What he found in his research would change the world forever. When he was 23 years old he published his first book. The results of his 4 years of in-depth study, and he rocked the world of developmental psychology with an entirely new model of human potential.

And that was just the beginning.

Over the past nearly 40 years he has published dozens of books, and has impacted nearly every field of human understanding. Many consider him to be one of “the smartest humans alive” and “one of the greatest thinkers in history”.